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The Problem: Untargeted metabolomics suffers from incomplete data analysis

Untargeted metabolomics is a powerful tool for biological discoveries. However, these discoveries are highly dependent on the quality of analysis of the raw data. Reliable detection of relevant signals in the raw data and the correct interpretation of the underlying spectral features are critical for both exploratory research as well as multi-omic data integration. Reanalysis of published untargeted metabolomics studies shows omissions of numerous relevant compounds in original results as well as typical interpretation mistakes. These results show an unexplored potential of current as well as legacy metabolomics data.
Omissions and mistakes 
in published results..
Examples of omissions and mistakes in results from a published study. (a) Visualization of a part of one of the raw datafiles. Gray labels correspond to annotations from original results accompanying the study data. Magenta labels correspond to omissions or mistakes. (b-d) Mass spectra and extracted ion chromatograms for examples of omissions. (e) A mass spectrum and extracted ion chromatograms for examples of mistakes. An in-source fragment ion and an isotopic peak of a multimer of HEPES were incorrectly identified as different compounds. Peaks of related ions for a given compound in plots of mass spectra are highlighted in magenta. More examples:

Solution 1: Our data analysis services

We can analyze your raw data and deliver lists of peaks with peak areas as well as lists of corresponding compounds with putative identities, where possible. We use our own computational tools, but the key aspect of the service is manual curation of the results by experts. We can help you to correct your existing results, find key differences among samples, or perform an exhaustive data analysis. Avoid omissions and mistakes in your results. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities and benefits of working with us.
From raw data to compound list..
More information: baranbioscience-overview.pdf
Use high quality expert curated results for your downstream analysis!

Solution 2: MassCurator Software

MassCurator is the right tool for rigorous data analysis of your untargeted metabolomics data. MassCurator provides robust automated tools as well as a responsive interactive interface for data analysis. Use MassCurator to correct your existing results or to analyze your raw data from scratch.


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